FAUCHON, global expert in contemporary french gastronomy

The FAUCHON Group embodies the art of French living around the world. With over a century of contemporary French gastronomic expertise, FAUCHON presents its extensive knowledge and exacting standards throughout its brand extensions including patisserie and gourmet foods, fine dining and cafes, boutique shops and retail, five-star hospitality in 15 countries.

From 1886 to Today

When Auguste Fauchon put his suitcases down at Place de la Madeleine in Paris in 1886, his goal was to introduce Parisians to the high quality of products from the French region of Normandy. Since then, the FAUCHON brand’s ambition has evolved and today, the men and women of FAUCHON endeavor to share the best contemporary French products and expertise with the world.


Made in F, Made in France, Made in FAUCHON

A training ground for talent since its inception, FAUCHON has taught many well-known French pastry chefs (Pierre Hermé, Cedric Grolet, etc.) by offering them the opportunity to acquire the values and know-how of FAUCHON before creating their own brand and their own universe.

Today, Sébastien Monceaux (Executive Chef) is at the helm of FAUCHON to create and select producers, innovate in concepts and products, and educate and motivate the teams of chefs and other collaborators, to always maintain the high level of creativity and excellence of the FAUCHON brand around the world.

FAUCHON on five continents

With 400 points of sale around the world, FAUCHON serves more than 5,000 customers daily. The brand is recognized by almost everyone in France, but also outside the country among its luxury clientele: In Japan, two out of three Japanese women, in the USA, one out of two New Yorkers and in the United Kingdom, one out of three Londoners know AUCHON. The brand is coveted by foodies globally.

The four Fields of the FAUCHON Group 

A key player in the world of gastronomy since its origin, FAUCHON has a well-known presence in the industry through four fields of expertise which leverage its innovative culinary know-how. Partnerships and licenses enable the FAUCHON group to develop and implement quality branded venues thanks to affiliates who share our values and standards of excellence.


Become partners

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